Asteria Pharm

ASTERIA PHARMACEUTICALS (Pty) Ltd, a family owned company, builds its business as a developer and contract manufacturer of natural supplements, skin/body care products, aesthetic solutions and as a distributor of its own unique product brands.

Our expert team is constantly researching new technologies to stay abreast of international developments and trends in the health, aesthetic and weight management related industry.


BioDermal Skin Tech: BioDermal Skin Tech combines natural actives and progressive technology to produce products with powerful corrective and preventative properties. .

The Eze-Range: A 100% natural, responsible supplement range which aims to support clients in their struggle to shed unwanted weight healthily. The Eze-Range boosts the body’s detoxing abilities, elevates the metabolic rate and burns fat while addressing craving and appetite levels.

Notes Of Nature: This 100% natural range, of which many of the products are MCC approved and NAPPI coded, caters for a wide variety of health care concerns.
Notes Of Nature harnesses the healing properties of top quality natural ingredients to correct imbalances, provide immune defense and improve overall health.

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Showing all 9 results