H2O2 Rain Drops

The liquids we drink have a major impact on our health, and the lack of fresh water in our modern diets is the most neglected aspect. The reason most of us do not drink enough water is because the water coming out of our taps is chlorinated and does not taste very good, and the only alternative is expensive bottled water.

Modern water and beverages lack the key ingredient that makes rainwater taste so good and fresh, the same ingredient that makes plants flourish and flower after it has been raining – H2O2!

H2O2 is nature’s disinfectant, without it the world would be overrun with pathogens. The decline of our health is due to our increasing distance from natural sources of food and water which contain H2O2.

H2O2RainDrops offers you the chance to bring nature’s gift closer to you, into your daily diet. The Food Grade vegetable stabilizer in H2O2RainDrops allows trace amounts of slow-release Food Grade H2O2 to work throughout your digestive system in conjunction with your body’s natural Hydrogen peroxide processes.

By supplementing extra Hydrogen peroxide and Oxygen into your liquid diet with H2O2RainDrops you make sure there is an abundance of the most essential supplements your body and digestive system need to achieve and maintain health on a consistent basis.

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Showing all 2 results