Badger Anti-Bug Balm & Stick




Badger Anti-Bug Balm & Stick

Blended to strike fear in the hearts of biting insects everywhere, this all-natural insect repellent smells good, feels good, soothes dry skin, and works – without Deet! Anti-bug balm is both pleasant to use and very effective at preventing bites. The Anti-Bug Products have been third-party lab tested, and show high efficacy – up to three hours for mosquitoes and stable flies! The twist-up stick offers ease of use, convenience and no mess. It contains the pure and powerful aromatic essential oils of Citronella, Lemongrass and Cedar that have been used for centuries to naturally repel insects. These oils have just the right aroma to confuse the little pests and send them packing. Remember to reapply frequently for best protection against biting insects. Available in 42g size.

Active Ingredients: Citronella Oil (5.0%), Cedar Oil (2.0%), Lemongrass Oil (2.0%), Rosemary Oil (1.0%), & Geranium Oil (1.0%).
Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Golden Yellow Beeswax, and Castor Bean Oil.

How to use
Badger uses only the highest quality natural ingredients. No chemicals or chemical derivatives are used, and the essential oils used are in low percentages, therefore moderate use should be safe for all. Pregnant or nursing moms should always check with their doctors.

As with all new products, it is best to do a skin patch test since some people are sensitive to essential oils. Apply a small amount of the product you are testing to the inside of your elbow or any other sensitive area. Cover it with a band-aid. Leave it overnight. In the morning check for signs of irritation or other skin sensitivity.