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Boxall & Carmichael SLEEP contains natural ingredients promoting sleep by boosting the body’s formation of Melatonin, combating stress, anxiety and insomnia. This combination has specially formulated in association with current research on natural treatment of insomnia and after feedback from our own patients.We can now take supplements on a regular basis that are good for us and help us sleep. Boxall & Carmichael have combined what we believe will be the best supplements to help you sleep deeply every night.

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Griffonia simplifica extract

Niacin SR

L- theanine

Magnesium glycinate

Passiflora incarnate flower 4.1 extract


Not recommended that children and pregnant or nursing women take this.If you have liver damage, gout, diabetes, are on tricyclic anti depressants, SSR1 anti depressants of the prozac family or you are pregnant, do not take this product.


2 capsules 1 hour before bed.


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