Feel Healthy ViralChoice C

Viral Choice C 60 capsules




ViralChoice™ C Capsules

What to use ViralChoice™ C Capsules for:

ViralChoice® C Capsules contain a combination of echinacea, garlic, phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. It is a nutrient supplement and is used when the diet alone does not include enough of these substances for optimal health. ViralChoice® C is used during times of viral infection, in winter to reduce colds and flu infection or when recovering from illness. It helps boost the immune system, reducing the risk of invasion from viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

How much ViralChoice™ C Capsules do I need:

Take the capsules with half a glass of water, with meals.

Adults & children over 10 years: Maintenance dose:
• One capsule per day, increasing to two capsules per day (one morning; one evening) in people experiencing additional physical and/or mental stress.
Stop ViralChoice® C for one week after every eight weeks of continuous maintenance dosage to maximize immune boosting benefits.

Short-term immune booster: – At the first sign of a cold or flu symptoms:
• One capsule three times a day for 10 days.
Complete the 10-day booster course and then continue with the maintenance dose thereafter.

Each ViralChoice™ C capsule contains:

80 mg Echinacea Ext.
25 mg Phytosterol
10 mg L- Arginine
33.3 mg L- Methionine
5 mg Absorption Enzymes
50 mg Garlic
333 RE Vitamin A
3 mg Vitamin B6
4 μg Vitamin B12
250 μg Folic acid
150 mg Vitamin C
4 μg Vitamin D
10 mg Vitamin E
100 μg Biotin
0.33 mg Copper
2 mg Iron
5 μg Selenium
3 mg Zinc