Cannaco MCT CBD Oil 400mg Royal Blueberry 30ml




Cannaco MCT CBD Oil 400mg Royal Blueberry 30ml

Cannaco MCT CBD Oil is a clear blend of Certified USDA Organic Full Terpene Spectrum CBD, paired with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides),  a translucent, tasteless, odorless and rapidly digested carrier oil.

MCT’s are readily absorbed by the GI tract and are metabolized easily by the liver, where they are reported to encourage the use of fat for energy rather than for storage. MCT oil is mainly used by people looking to lose weight, or boost their endurance during a workout. MCT Oil also improves the ability to think, as well as help with various forms of dementia.

MCT Oil Benefits · Antimicrobial, Antibacterial and Antiviral, Aid in Weight Loss, Reduced appetite and increased feelings of fullness, Enhance Exercise Performance, Can Affect Cholesterol, Helps With Diabetes, Benefits the Brain – Shown to improve learning, memory, and brain processing, Protects the Heart, Improved Cognition, Improves Mood, Improves Digestion, Improves Nutrient Absorption, Hormone Support and Hair and Nail Health.

  • Full Terpene Spectrum
  • Lab Tested
  • Certified USDA Organic CBD