Homeoforce Tissue Salt 2 Calc Phos

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Tissue Salts No.2 Calc Phos by Homeoforce helps your body to absorb nutrients. This promotes healthy bones and blood, and it assists with bone injuries and circulation.

This product also helps to strengthen bones and teeth, improve digestion and assist with symptoms of anaemia, it also promotes vitality.

Each serving contains the following active ingredients

Calcarea Phosphorica 6X

Recommended Daily Allowance

RDA is calculated on a 2 000 calorie intake for a 70kg person. Please consult the packaging for any RDA’s relating to this product.

Storage Instructions

Store below 25°C

Dosage Directions

Dissolve tablet under tongue 3 times daily, in acute cases every half hour. Infants: 0-12 months, quarter crushed tablet dissolved in a little water. Children: 1-12 years, half tablet. Adults: 1 tablet.

Other Information

Keep out of reach of children.