Medi Mushrooms Shiitake

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Lentinus edodes

“Smartest of All”

  • Supports digestive health and comfort
  • Supports healthy blood cholesterol level
  • Moderates blood sugar level
  • Supports the metabolism & improves endurance and delays muscle fatigue
  • Supports the immune system
  • Assists in reducing nausea, vomiting, discomfort in the period of recovery after illness or chemotherapy


Medi Mushrooms Shiitake

For hundreds of years, shiitake mushrooms have been a popular food source in Asia. They’re the second most popular and the third most widely cultivated edible mushroom in the world.

Today, shiitakes can be found in most grocery stores because of their meaty and versatile flavor, but did you know that they’re packed with B vitamins and have the power to fight cancer cells, cardiovascular disease and infections? That’s just a few of shiitake mushroom nutrition benefits.

Why are these small fungi so powerful? It’s because shiitake mushrooms have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. They also help to control blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation within the body. That’s right — all of these health benefits come from eating a mushroom. And there are a ton of easy ways to incorporate shiitake mushrooms into your diet.

Shiitake mushrooms contain many chemical compounds that protect your DNA from oxidative damage, which is partly why they’re so beneficial. Lentinan, for example, heals chromosome damage caused by anticancer treatments. Eritadenine substances help reduce cholesterol levels and support cardiovascular health. Researchers at Shizuoka University in Japan found that eritadenine supplementation significantly decreased plasma cholesterol concentration.

Shiitakes are also unique for a plant because they contain all eight essential amino acids, along with a type of essential fatty acid called linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps with weight loss and building muscle. It also has bone-building benefits, improves digestion, and reduces food allergies and sensitivities.



Medi Mushrooms Shitake Bioactive Properties and Health Benefits

Anti-tumour properties – Improves functioning of a depressed immune system;

prevents chromosomal damage induced by anti-cancer drugs;

reducing side effects from radiation and chemotherapy;

Anti-HIV properties – stimulates the production of interferon; provides synergistic

(combined and improved) effect with azidothymidine (AZT);

High cholesterol – accelerates the metabolism and the excretion of ingested


Liver protection – strengthens the function of the liver; assists liver in detoxification

Weight loss effect – produces a fat-absorbing compound that assists in healthy metabolism

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    I got shiitake and maitake instead of two shiitake 🙂but I don’t mind the error 🙃

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