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Solenco Airvax Air Purifier

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Why use our Air Purifier?

Airvax is the world first that use SEFF(Static Electricity FilmFilter)method(International Patent).

Airvax can catch the dust that size under 0.1 ㎛.

Airvax has the better efficiency in purifying ability and no fall of ash than ion method.

Airvax is very safe to using in a hospital, a nursery school, a day-care center, etc.

Airvax Air Purifier by Meaco

Removes particles as small as <0.25㎛

Airvax Air Purifier as one being in the forefront of technology when it comes to air purification and therefore it is top of its field.

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Key Features include:

  • Covers 25 square metres
  • Traps smaller particles than a standard HEPA filter
  • Collects pollens, moulds, bacteria, smells + allergens
  • Also captures VOCs
  • Does not create Ozone
  • Very quiet

Filter replacement interval of up to 3 years, saving you a fortune in replacement filters.


The Meaco Airvax will define the next generation of air purifiers as it represents a large leap forward for air purifier customers. There is no doubting the fact that the Airvax looks stunning and is a welcome addition to any home. But the Airvax is so much more than a beautiful looking gadget, it is an air purifier that creates a healthy living environment and has the potential to improve lives.

In independent tests the internationally patented Airvax Static Electricity Film Filter (SEFF) has proven its ability to remove from the air particles <0.25㎛ (in fact catching particles as small as 0.1㎛ is possible). As well as dust particles the SEFF can remove smells, moulds, virus, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, car exhaust gases, allergens, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, pollens, germs and bacteria. A list of irritants that is hard for any other air purifier to beat, especially at this price point.

The Airvax also saves you money because power consumption is just a maximum of 5 watts and the filter has an effective life cycle of up to three years.


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