Stefani Terracota Water Purifier 6 Litre


Stefani water filters and purifiers are designed to be practical and function with ease. Stefani filters and water purifiers requires no electrical power and drastically reduces the use of plastic water bottles thereby helping the environment. Stefani water purifiers systems, terracotta water crocks and water filter candles are used worldwide for its excellence in design and water purifying qualities in countries like US, England, Australia, South Africa, Peru and others. These water filters are used extensively by NGOs for an affordable solution to provide clean water to under-privileged areas of the world.

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Stefani Terracotta Water Crocks and water purifiers are sold in dozens of countries around the world. Renowned for their simplicity and efficiency the water purifiers and filter candles have been tested by various independent labs. Equipped with Silver Coated Dechlorinating/Sterilizing candle filters, the Stefani gravity fed water purifiers efficiently reduce fungus, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms and chemicals making water safe for consumption. The activated carbon in the filtering candle also guarantees the elimination of bad odors and improves the taste of the water.

Stefani ceramic water crock purifiers are hand made using the finest natural clay and are equipped with dechlorinating and sterilizing filter candles that make water crystal clear and eliminate impurities present in the water. The water crock purifiers are also equipped with a float-valve that doubles the capacity of the filter preventing lower chamber overflow. Stefani Terracotta water purifiers also include the new clic tap, which is durable and can be used manually.

How it works:

The Stefani water purifiers consists of two reservoirs on top of each other. The top reservoir contains one to three water filter candles, depending on the type and capacity of the water purifier. The lower section of the purifier stores for the purified water. The top reservoir is filled with the source water directly from the tap or natural water source such as a stream or river. Gravity pushes the water gradually through the porous filter candle. The average flow rate of the purified water is limited to about 1 to 2 liters per hour.


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