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  • More mobility, less pain
  • Less cartilage damage
  • Less inflammation

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More energy and activity:

  • Reduces hayfever and allergies

Injuries and arthritis:

  • MSM-Body helps relieve joint pain and stiffness. In fact, research shows that OptiMSM® protects against rheumatoid arthritis and can help reduce pain and physical inability in osteoarthritis.

Healing and repair:

  • Tissue maintenance. Sulphur is a mineral that contributes to connective tissue structure and repair. And MSM contains up to 34% sulphur by weight. More sulphur means more tissue repair. See the connection?
  • Antioxidant protection. A study from the Department of Human Nutrition at Ohio State University showed that OptiMSM® led to an 80% increase in liver glutathione levels in mice. This is important because glutathione is an internal sulphur-containing antioxidant. So more glutathione means more power to fight free-radicals. The same study also showed that OptiMSM® helped prevent oxidative liver damage caused by toxic carbon tetrachloride.

Exercise and energy levels:

  • MSM-Body helps your body make molehills out of mountains. It gives you more energy and helps increase stamina by providing methyl groups that can be traded with other molecules in the body’s energy-producing engine.

Homocysteine levels:

  • High homocysteine is bad. Homocysteine is a precursor of toxic amino acids that cause heart attack and stroke. So, clearly, high homocysteine levels are bad.
  • Low homocysteine is good. Two clinical studies have shown independently that OptiMSM® can decrease the levels of free homocysteine in your blood. Good stuff.

Respiratory function and allergies:

  • Not to be sniffed at: OptiMSM® eases breathing and supports the respiratory system, especially in seasonal allergies.

High bioavailiability:

  • Results of a 2009 Miami-based clinical study showed that OptiMSM® is not just a hard worker but a fast one too
  • It’s absorbed rapidly and efficiently.
  • Then it’s retained in the body for an extended period.
  • This means it hangs around to do all the good stuff mentioned above


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