True Food Butter Beans 400g




True Food Butter Beans 400g

Truefood Butterbeans are NON-GMO, commonly known as Lima beans they are high in protein and iron with no cholesterol, lots of complex carbohydrates and virtually no fat. Butter beans are a good source of B vitamins, potassium and fibre, making them a great addition to vegan and vegetarian diets

Butter beans have a creamy txture when cooked with a rich buttery flavour, commonly used in soups, casseroles and stews. They are nutritionally dense and delicious

Butter beans are:

High in fibre that can in digestion and maintain digestive health

Rich in Potassium that promotes good heart and kidney health

High in Iron an important component of hemoglobin that carries oxygen from our blood to our lungs

Rich in Protein that is crucial for many functions within the body

High in manganese that fights free radicals within the body and acts as an anti-oxidant


Butter beans

Product of Europe – Packed in South Africa

Cooking instructions

Soak 1 cup butter beans in 3 cups water overnight, rinse and drain the beans atleast three times. Pour beans into a pot and cover with water, should be about 3cmof water above the beans. Boil on medium to high heat for 40 – 60 minutes while stirring regularly.

Truefood is a division of Absolute Organix, established in 2012 the brand developed and continues to supply superior cold-pressed oils from extra-virgin nectars that grow in South African soils. The range has grown to include ‘super food’ powders like Maca root, ‘miracle seeds’ like Chia and Flaxmeal for quick preparation and easy digestion of Flax seeds.

Truefood makes a simple promise: wholesome, “clean” foods sourced from quality suppliers and offered at fair prices. The range is expanding rapidly, so look out for fresh additions.

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