True Food Poppy Seeds 400g




True Food Poppy Seeds 400g

Truefood Poppy seeds are NON-GMO and highly nutritious, they are less allergenic than many other nuts and seeds. Rich in minerals and fibre they offer a range of health benefits and can be eaten daily to maintain good health and well-being.

Poppy seeds are an oil seed that can be used whole or ground, they have a nutty and pleasant taste and are commonly used as a garnish on baked goods.

Poppy seeds are:

Rich in fibre that aids in digestion and maintains digestive health

High in Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus that are crucial for healthy bones and teeth

Rich in manganese that fights free radicals within the body and acts as an anti-oxidant

High in B vitamins that help to maintain energy levels throughout the day

Rich in zinc that boosts immunity and aids in healing wounds


Poppy seeds

Product of Europe – Packed in South Africa

Use as a garnish, add a few spoonfuls of seeds to your favorite hot or cold cereal or add to fruit smoothies for a mineral boost.

Truefood makes a simple promise: wholesome, “clean” foods sourced from quality suppliers and offered at fair prices. The range is expanding rapidly, so look out for fresh additions.