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ViralChoice™ Effervescent

What to use ViralChoice™ Effervescent for:

Each ViralChoice® Effervescent Tablet contains a combination of echinacea, vitamins and minerals. It is formulated for those people preferring an effervescent dosage form for long-term immune support (in a convenient one-a-day dosage). It is a nutrient supplement and is used when the diet alone does not include enough of these substances to ensure a healthy immune system.

How much ViralChoice™ Effervescent do I need:

Adults and children from 9 years of age: Take One tablet daily, dissolved in a half to one glass of water.
Children 4 to 8 years of age: Take half a tablet daily, dissolved in a half to one glass of water.

Drink ViralChoice® immediately after dissolving. Stop ViralChoice® Effervescent for one week after every eight weeks of continuous preventative use, to maximize immune boosting benefits.

Due to the nature of the ingredients, some cloudiness on the glass will occur.

Each ViralChoice™ Effervescent contains:

1000 mg Vitamin C
700 μg Vitamin A
10 mg Vitamin B6
9.6 μg Vitamin B12
10 μg Vitamin D3
45 mg Vitamin E
400 μg Folic Acid
1.6 mg Vitamin B2
0.9 mg Copper
5 mg Iron
80 μg Selenium
7.2 mg Zinc
240 mg Echinacea
Purpurea Ext

Other Nutrients: Minerals: Zinc, iron, copper and selenium are essential for the integrity and optimum functioning of the immune system. A proper balance of these elements is essential for maintenance of immunocompetence.