Cream of Eden

Cream of Eden was developed by a qualified Herbalist, Naturopath, Phyto therapist and Institutional Counsellor seven years ago (“The developer”).

As a young person the developer noticed that natural herbal extractions were used in pharmaceutical drugs, but recognised that a plant had to be used as whole for complete healing to occur.

The developer’s great Grandmother was a Herbalist and Midwife. Being a herbalist at that time wasn’t a career, but was a way of life. People acquired their skill through trial and error and gathered their knowledge from nature, experimenting with plants and herbs making preparations for all types of ailments.

While practicing as a natural practitioner, the developer’s interest was more in the medicinal value of the plants, in the making of tinctures and in mixing certain plant material with topical preparations for skin ailments.

During the developer’s early years of study she discovered the amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties of MSM. That is when she knew that combining MSM with just the right herbal blend could relieve chronic ailments associated with pain and inflammation. The developer’s goal was to create a topical preparation that would work fast and last longer than normal propriety products, but had to be 100% NATURAL.

In 2009, the developer created a pain relief gel (known today as Cream of Eden Gel), that she tested on friends and family before introducing it to the public. All the products developed by her are natural and free of chemicals and Paraben.

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