Soothing Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

These necklaces are made for wearing when baby is teething.

100% Baltic Amber contains a natural anti inflammatory – Succinic acid. The warmth from baby’s skin releases this active ingredient.

This has a very positive effect in soothing and calming a baby without resorting to drugs.

It also helps with baby immunity, stimulates the thyroid to reduce drooling and soothes those red inflamed cheeks associated with teething.

Helps to reduce inflammation of the throat and ear.

These handmade necklaces have been specifically designed with knots befor and after each bead so that even in the unlikely event of the string being ripped none of the beads will be lost and there is no risk of choking.

Amber Teething necklaces are suitable for babies from 3 – 4 months of age.

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Showing all 4 results