Pure Herbal Remedies

These amazing
formulas have been used by practitioners since about 1997 and due to the great
success practitioners have had with them, they are now available to the
public.The highest quality herbs are sourced and then manufactured into our
remedies by Hersol Laboratories.

Purely Herbal
– Our products are all purely herbal. No probiotics, fibers,
nutraceuticals, etc.

100% Pure
– They are all 100% pure containing no binders, fillers and other non
active ingredients.

Regenerative –
They are all designed to treat the cause with the symptoms. e.g. Our Colon
Support Formula works on Regenerating the Peristaltic Muscle Action that
often stops working due to our bad diets and the use of laxatives. Once
muscle action has been restored, the constipation problem is relieved.
People using these products will often reduce the dosage as they find the
condition improves.

Maximum Strength
– The maximum possible amount of herbs are put into each remedy making
them super potent.

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Showing all 6 results