Saltpur Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt crystal lamps are renowned to improve the quality of the air by producing negative ions

The SALTPUR salt that is produced by mother natures has a rich and deep history. Since the beginning of time salt was an important element for creatures that roam the earth. In ancient times, Crystal Salt was also known as King Salt. It was only used for royalty because of its demand and rarity. Common man had access to Rock Salt which is less refine. Salt has played a major role not only in dining, but also in medicines.

In today time Natural Salt is highly desired. Natural salt is obtained in raw condition and then it is passed through various processes to get the form of edible salt. Scientist and people alike have discovered the benefits of Natural Salt Crystals. Currently there has been a movement that demands more products from Salt Crystals. Crystal salt lamps are very popular worldwide.

The beautiful salt for making Rock salt lamp is located at the foothills of lush Himalaya. Himalayan range carries slabs of salt in variety of beautiful colors. The most popular is a range from Orange to Red. Himalayan range of mountains in located in Pakistan is where the majority of lamps come from.

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