Sidon Medical

Sidon Medical (launched in 2010) originated from the Chinese Medicine Company in Taiwan. The founder, Mr. Suen-Tien Lin, was a Chinese medicine doctor in practice and he passed on his knowledge and experience to his son. His grandson, Lin-Chen Lin, attended Chinese medical school to further his familys practice and also started researching and developing

Chinese medicine. The Chinese Medicine Company was founded in 1989.

Our mission

We believe that the natural herbs can improve peoples health and that the human body can prevent or cure

diseases naturally. Since 1952, we have persisted and committed to researching ways to help people without side effects with traditional Chinese medicine.

Our products

We only use herbs planted in season, in the correct regions and that are grown in their most natural way organically without any chemicals.

Herbs are examined for the best quality and safety after each harvest.

The pharmaceutical factory adheres to GMP standards to ensure the quality of our products and no chemicals are applied.

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Showing all 8 results