Swedish Spike Mat

Have you spent a fortune on pain
killers and medical bills, desperately trying to heal your tired muscles and
body ache? Maybe your pain is a result of massive stress and long work hours or
due to a previous accident.

Pain is an important warning system
in the body and a signal that something is wrong. If you have continuous pain
for more than three months, it is considered as chronic.

The Swedish Spike Mat provides pain
relief, relaxation and helps you to fall asleep.It gives comfort to aching, tired
muscles. The acupressure mat, produced after an original, Indian recipe, is
suitable for everyone. It can be regulated depending on your own pain

The Swedish Spike Mat can help the
following: lumbago, slipped discs, stiffness, sciatica, stress, chronic aches,
“frozen shoulder”, headaches, sleeping problems, whiplash,
fibromyalgia etc.

The Swedish Spike Mat mat is design
patented and manufactured in Sweden. The mat is made of TPE-plastic, without
PVC or Latex, and is recyclable.

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Showing all 1 result