Escentia Products

The company was started by Roy Aiken during 1994 as a result of a market survey during which he perceived a need in the South African market for a reputable, inexpensive supplier of pure essential oils, carrier oils, and auxiliary products for the aromatherapist and retail market. This is in line with our mission statement which is “Empowerment of all therapists for true healing”.

Until recently, Escentia was the only supplier who had a background in chemistry whereas most suppliers of oils were therapists themselves. This specialised chemical knowledge has been carried over into the largest, most comprehensive range of essential oils in Africa. In total we can supply 112 essential oils, 35 carrier oils and numerous items such as aromatherapy soaps, aromatherapy candles and fizzle bath balls, all containing our own oils. The range includes a neutral hand and body lotion base, and floral waters (hydrosols). We have also specialised in certain areas and can supply interesting and exotic oils such as Naartjie, Helichrysum, Ravensara, Agarswood, Spikenard and Cinnamosma. We also offer five distinct types of Eucalyptus, two types of Geranium (Pelargonium) and are experts in supplying the highest quality Tea Tree (Ti – Tree) oil, (i.e. low cineol type). We are also the first supplier world-wide to offer Ylang – Ylang (Complete) ex Comores.

Another major feature of Escentia is that Roy has established contact, on a regular basis, with eighteen different South African farmers, who supply a total of 35 of the 112 oils on offer, in the purest forms.

By keeping overheads down, utilising an inexpensive delivery network and operating a widespread supplier base (leading to price advantages), Roy has been able to offer products of the highest quality, at prices that have allowed more people to buy essential oils than was previously the case, the idea being to empower more therapists, rather than operating at unnaturally high prices, creating an impression of exclusivity.

Escentia has been associated with the Herb Association of South Africa since 1998. Roy has served on the executive committee recently, and has appeared on the British BBC – Rural Affairs programme. He has also appeared on the radio programme Women Today to discuss his range, and has been heard on The voice of Africa, discussing oils. The company has been involved in sponsoring the finalists of the Face of Africa competition. Roy acts in an advisory capacity to the Aromatherapy Society of Southern Africa. He also is a major supplier to a large number of Beauty Institutions in Southern Africa where he regularly gives talks to the students on the history, distillation and uses of essential oils, as well as the chemistry of the oils too.

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