Biosil Essiac Tea Herb Mix


THE REAL ESSIAC TEA Take care to ensure that you have the real tea, in correctly proportioned organic herbs! BIO-SIL’s Essiac Tea is synthesised by a professional herbalist and is made with love which counts for much!



Biosil Essiac Tea Herb Mix

PRODUCT:  Essiac Tea mix

DESCRIPTION:  Essiac Tea herbs – sufficient to make up four litres

BENEFITS:  Some reported successes of this wonderful tea are:

hypoglycemia, MS, parkinsons, arthritis, malignancies, CFS, ulcers, fibroids, thyroid problems, hemorrhoids, prostate and urinary problems, circulation, warts, diabetes, psoriasis, sleeping disorders, impotence, alzheimers, asthma, allergies


 Directions for making up the tea

How to make Essiac Tea:
Empty all of these herbs into a stainless steel saucepan
Add 4 litres of water äóñ bring to the boil, then simmer gently for 15 minutes
Turn off the heat
Leave to infuse overnight
Next morning, bring just to a point of boiling and then turn off the heat
Leave to cool
Strain into glass bottles
This is now your concentrated tea
* * * *


* The dosage is 50 ml of the Tea and 50ml of boiling filtered water 1-3 times daily on an empty stomach.

* It is best to not eat for an hour before drinking the Tea and an hour afterwards.

* As a preventative, one dose a day should be adequate. * To restore health, use two doses a day.

* If you are confronted with a serious condition, use three doses a day.

* There are no negative side effects, even after long-term use and it can be used with your current medications.

* Not advised if pregnant or breast-feeding