Bodicare Stametta




Bodicare Stametta Body Healing Liquid 500 ml

Conditions which may be helped by using Stametta™ regularly, use Stametta™ and feel much betta.Stametta in action:Regular use will improve general well-being and strengthen the immune system. This product may be used to assist in the treatment of or relief from the following conditions: painful and irregular menstruation, lower back pain, joint pain, fatigue, gum disorders, sexual performance, flatulence, digestive problems and constipation, strengthening of bones and muscle tissue.If any of the above conditions persist for more than 3 weeks consult your healthcare practitioner.

Usage instructions:
How to use Bodicare – Stametta Body Healing Liquid1. Shake bottle well before use.2. Using a measuring tool, take 50-100ml three to four times per week.3. Drink water after taking the liquid.Bodicare Stametta Body Healing Liquid can be used for various conditions. It helps strengthen the immune system and also provides relief from pain.It is noted to assist with lower back and joint pain, fatigue, gum disorders, flatulence, digestive problems and constipation, among other conditions. It is also said to assist in strengthening bones and muscle tissue.Provided this does not assist your condition within three weeks, it is recommended that you discuss the problem with your healthcare practitioner.

Each 500 ml contains: Aloe 1,667 g; Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 1,667 g; Aniseed Oil (Pimpinella Ansium) 0,817 g; Magenesium Sulphate 71,667 g; Preservative: Nipastat 0,02% m/v.