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Calcium and magnesium are both alkaline and cannot go into solution and be utilised by the body unless in an acid. If the system is too alkaline, the calcium will not release the positive ion which makes it possible for it to operate in the cellular structure and go through the blood vessel walls, etc. In an alkaline system, calcium is ineffective and inactive.

That’s what makes our Instant CalMag-C different from the other forms of calmag; it’s the correct pH that we’ve achieved that allows for the most optimum absorption.



Mellow Mag C 200g

A well-balanced powder blend of calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin C, which may assist with healthy bones and teeth, cramps, spasms, sore joints, and muscle. Improves mood stability and sleep cycle. If your sleeping better you are less stressed and have more energy for your day. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE IN MINUTES.

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Did you know?

That a deficiency in calcium sets your body up for nerve and muscular spasms?
That calcium is a basic building block?
That a calcium deficiency can cause a state of high tension?
That calcium must be taken with magnesium in a specific ratio?
That nerve reactions are diminished with magnesium?
That magnesium keeps the nerves smoothed out?
That calcium and magnesium help prevent sore muscles?
That calcium keeps your heart beating regularly?
That calcium alleviates insomnia?
That magnesium is important for converting blood sugar to energy?
That depression can be caused by a deficiency of magnesium?
That pre-menstrual tension can be alleviated with calcium and magnesium?
That certain stones that form in the kidneys, etc., do so due to a magnesium deficiency?

These are some of the benefits of an adequate calcium and magnesium intake.

This is what people who take Instant CalMag-C have to say about it:

I suffer from depression and I must say that Instant CalMag-C has made a big difference in my life. Thumbs up to the guy who invented this product.

AS – Germiston

If I don’t take Instant CalMag-C, my nails crumble, split and tear and I know that my bones are doing the same. Instant CalMag-C fixes this. I take it twice daily like clockwork. My nails heal and I know a lot of other stuff is healing too. I can’t be without it.

AF – Illovo

Because of the nature of the sport I participate in, I am inclined to suffer from sore muscles and joints, but taking supplementation helps immensely. I religiously take Instant CalMag-C as this is also important for muscle function. I very very seldom become ill. This in itself says a great deal as athletes often suffer from ailments due to stress they place on their bodies.

MTN Gladiator participant and fitness instructor, Bruma

I take Instant CalMag-C at night and sleep like a baby. I also have no pre-menstrual tension and related body pains. NO back pain and no swelling hands and feet.

Systems analyst, Woodmead
You know, that Instant CalMag-C of yours is magic! I hadn’t been taking it for a while but then I was getting very tired on my walks so I took one dose this morning and easily walked a long distance – about three miles.

B.N. – London, England

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