Homeoforce Tissue Salt 8 Mag Phos

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Homeoforce Tissue Salt 8 Mag Phos

Indications: For nervousness, cramps, muscle spasms, neuralgia.

Directions for use: Dissolve tablets under tongue under 10 minutes before meals three times daily. In acute cases every half hour. Adults: One Tablet Children: Half a tablet, Infants: Quarter crushed tablet dissolved in water.Tissue salts were introduced by homeopath and chemist Dr. William Heinrich Schuessler in 1973. He believed disease is caused by a lack of mineral salts in the tissue cells of the body and maintained that when we give these salts to the body, it is able to fight off disease. Tissue salts are necessary for harmonious body functions; for rebuilding and detoxifying cells. They also improve the absorption rate of important nutrients from food.