Lerumo Lamadi 90 Capsules




Lerumo Lamadi 90 Capsules

Blood Cleanser

Improved Immune Support

Enhanced Energy levels

Better Wound Healing

Lerumo Lamadi Blood Tonic 90 Capsules is formulated with ingredients that support the healthy functioning of blood to improve immune support, enhance energy levels and help with better wound healing.

Lerumo Lamadi Blood Tonic 90 Capsules

Detailed Description:
Nutritional information:Each dose (1 capsule) 375mg provides:The blood has many important functions such as to transport oxygen around the body, to transport nutrients such as glucose and amino acids to the cells in our bodies, and to take waste products such as lactic acid, CO2 and urea from the body. By maintaining a good circulation, the blood flow keeps the core body temperature at a steady 37 degrees C. White blood cells help kill pathogens and microbes that stray into the body. Substances like platelets and fibrin in the blood help to clot wounds. Lerumo Lamadi® has been formulated with ingredients that support the healthy functioning of blood. “The spear for the blood”

Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use:Take one capsule 3 times daily.After meals. With water.7am.12 noon.5pm.



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