Med e Mune Immune Booster

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MEDeMUNE is a natural immune booster containing essential ALL-IN-ONE Vitamins, minerals and herbs to help increase immune system function. The ingredients work synergistically to provide best results.

MEDeMUNE has added Goji Berry to its existing ingredients that are already rich in anti-oxidants to further increase immune system function



Med e Mune Immune Booster

Benefits and helps for:

Colds & Flu
Increases energy
Rich in Anti-Oxidants
Protects liver from toxins
Protects immune system from damage caused by free radicals
Helps conditions related to viral infections


• Olive leaf Extract 84mg
• Garlic Powder 68mg
• Spirulina 50mg
• Hypoxis (African Potato) 60mg
• Sutherlandia Powder 20mg
• Plant Sterols & Sterolins 13mg
• Beetroot powder 7mg
• Aloe Ferox Powder 1mg
• Beta Carotene 10% 1mg
• Vitamin B1 2.5mg
• Vitamin B2 2mg
• Vitamin B3 5mg
• Vitamin B6 5mg
• Vitamin B12 2mcg
• Vitamin C 26mg
• Vitamin E 8iu
• Selenium 2% 2mg
• Folic Acid 300mcg
• Zinc Amino Chelate 7mg
• Goji Berry 40% Polysaccharide 4mg

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