Organic Moringa 150 Capsules


Our all-natural Moringa Capsules contains nutrient rich vitamins and minerals that are retained during the harvesting process to ensure a highly effective Moringa supplement.

Using Moringa regularly on a daily basis can improve one’s health greatly as attested by scientific research and thousands of Moringa users around the world.



Organic Moringa 150 Capsules

Moringa Leaf in Capsules Form

The Benefits of Taking Moringa Supplements

Moringa Nutritional Strengths

Values based on equivalent dry leaf powder

IRON: 25 Times the Iron of Spinach

Iron is necessary for many body functions including the formation of haemoglobin and brain development and function.

POTASSIUM: 15 Times the Potassium of Bananas

Potassium is needed for the proper function of the brain and nerves.

CALCIUM: 17 Times the Calcium of Milk

Calcium builds strong teeth and bones, and helps in preventing osteoporosis.

VITAMIN A: 10 Times the Vitamin A of Carrots

Vitamin A acts as a shield against a variety of diseases, including eye, skin and heart disease, and diarrhoea.

VITAMIN C: ½ the Vitamin C of Oranges

Vitamin C builds the immune system and fights infectious diseases, such as colds and flu.

PROTEIN: 9 Times the Protein of Yogurt

Protein is necessary for the maintaining of healthy muscles, skin, hair, nails and brain cells


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