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Oral Usage for all internal ailments

In advance of illness

As a powerful nutritional health tonic that provides vitality, energy and well-being – as well as a general preventive against colds, flu and a host of disease causing pathogens, it is recommended that anything between 50 ml – 300 ml be ingested daily in smaller doses spread throughout the day. When this is done regularly, Electro Colloidal Silver strengthens the immune system resulting in more energy, vitality, vigour, relaxation, faster healing and reduced bodily toxins. It also improves digestion.

Some people will find the maximum benefit from a lesser amount, while others will find they need more. The main thing is to interpret your body’s response and work with Electro Colloidal Silver. When ingesting it, hold it in your mouth and swish it around your tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing. Because of the silver ions’ microscopic size, they are absorbed into the bloodstream immediately!



Chronic or serious conditions

A growing body of users are turning to electro colloidal silver to help treat a wide variety of chronic and “incurable” conditions. Many of these users feel that small amounts are not so effective, and sustain larger doses for extended periods of time, ingesting up to a litre of electro colloidal silver daily.

We thoroughly endorse this thinking as long as you can be sure you are taking electro colloidal silver that has been correctly produced!

For serious conditions it is recommended that you start off slowly (Refer: The Herxheimer Effect) at 2 x 25ml for the first day. Gradually (over the next three days) the dose can be increased to 4 x 25ml per day. Thereafter, one can build up to a daily intake of 500ml or more per day. This should be divided into smaller doses throughout the day


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    Gentle on skin and very effective

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    I have been struggling to get silver genesis till someone told me about feel healthy where by u just order online and definetly you receive your order the next day without any hassle ..and my daughter who was dignose with cancer she is doing very with this product..

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    Is the best..

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