Tahi Manuka Honey 400g




Tahi Manuka Honey 400g

Tahi Manuka Honey is a special mono-floral honey gathered from the flowers of the manuka tree, an indigenous species to New Zealand. Unlike other honeys it contains very powerful antibacterial, properties; making it extremely effective in treating a wide variety of health conditions and it tastes wonderful with a thick caramel like texture. Used throughout history for its restorative and healing properties it is only in the last decade that the modern medical establishment has began to consider it first in line treatment for a number of skin and digestive ailments.

Product Information

Tahi Manuka Honey is simply pure raw unpasteurised honey from the nectar of the Manuka tree flowers (Leptospermum scoparium) indigenous to Northland, New Zealand.

The honey is never treated to temperatures above 450 degrees Celsius ensuring the natural properties, enzymes and benefits remain intact.


100% Honey.


Take by the spoonful daily or include in food preparation as a spread, in drinks or in cooked foods as a substitute for sugar (not suitable for children under one year of age).


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