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Natural pain reducing remedies

Natural pain reducing remedies

Instead of popping an aspirin, or taking one of the many pain medications on the market today,

you can target pain with natural remedies that causes absolutely no side effects and induce no negative impact on the body.

Frequent use of aspirin can cause everything from intestinal bleeding to kidney failure while Ibuprofin can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and heart problems.

So take advantage of these 6 natural pain-reducing remedies.

Natural pain
Natural pain

1. Find Some Good Company – Whenever we bond and communicate with others about how we are feeling, we tend to feel better. People who deal with chronic pain feel better when participating in group therapy, such as simple discussion groups, where others recognize their pain.

2. Laugh It Off – One of the best ways to rewire the pain synapses in the brain is to over-run them with hilarity. A recent British study has proven that when we laugh, opiate-like chemicals are released into the brains, which block the feeling of pain.

3. Eat Some Chile Peppers or Jalapenos – An active component of chili peppers, capsaicin temporarily desensitizes pain-prone skin nerve receptors called C-fibers. This is great news for people who endure chronic since capsaicin can be applied topically as well.

4. Meditate – In a recent study, 80 minutes of meditation was proven to reduce pain better than one of the most powerful pharmaceutical drugs on the market – morphine! Meditation instead of morphine, it works.

5. Juice Some Ginger – Another study shows that ginger is better at reducing pain than Advil or Motrin, and it does so without hurting our cytokines – natural immunity building blocks of the body. This can be especially good news for arthritis sufferers.

6. Spice it up with Turmeric – Turmeric is anti-inflammatory spice, which means it can help reduce the pain response in the body. Aside from that, it is treating cancer and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. If you have joint pain, just 1000 milligrams of Turmeric a day can help it go away.



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Natural pain
Natural pain

CBD oil another great tool for meditation



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Mangosteen and Arthritis – Why Mangosteen?


Mangosteen juice helps with arthritis. Increased energy. Great anti-inflammatory, mangosteen juice helps with pain to begin exercise.

Based on research studies, the xanthones, chemical compounds found in mangosteen can suppress acute and chronic inflammation,

and selectively inhibit COX-2 enzyme without causing any side effects such as gastrointestinal problems. In another paper studying mangosteen’s effect on inflammation, it was noted that xanthones do not interfere with the clotting mechanisms of blood or produce stomach ulcers.


Based on some personal experience, a good number of patients with chronic arthritis were even able to get off or reduce their prescription medication.

The results often can be noted as little as a few days to beyond 90 days.

Mangosteen and Arthritis Precaution:

Mangosteen may not offer the cure, it provides the extra energy needed to combat the disease, assists you in reducing the pain and helps you to deal with some of the side effects caused by the drugs. However, there is one catch here, you need time to find out if the supplement works for you. Also, if you are taking prescribed drugs, check with your doctor on any potential interference with the drugs.

•Anti-Inflammatory: Majority of mangosteen benefits will come from its anti-inflammatory effects because it blocks the COX enzymes that are pro-inflammatory without causing any gastrointestinal side effects. The mangosteen helps to reduce the pain and swelling you feel.

•Antioxidant: One of the reasons of getting disease is the degenerative of your particular cells. As you age, the ability to repair the damage at cellular level has declined. In arthritis, this means that your ability to repair the process of the cartilage. Antioxidant works on cellular level to remove these free radicals and helps in your healing process.

•Increase Energy Helps to Combat Arthritis: Appropriate exercise recommended by your physical therapist is highly desirable to improve arthritis. Often, the fear of pain while beginning an exercise program is overwhelming. Mangosteen juice supplement helps support the energy required and for the modulation for pain and anxiety.

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